Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Uber Travelling!

I’ve always wanted to have a big chunk of time to just travel to the places that I want to, but I’ve never had the time, because I’ve been at school and had to make do with going in the holidays. The exciting news is that now I’ll be having a gap year and will therefore be able to visit some of the places that I’ve been longing to visit. I can hardly contain my excitement to get on that plane and have a whole host of adventures.

I think that a gap year is a pretty tough decision to make for anyone. Next year, I’d like to study Spanish at university and felt that the best preparation for this would be to actually see what Hispanic life is like, and to fully immerse myself not only in the language but also in the culture. Inevitably, this means that my career will always involve travel or overseas communication and I think it’s important for me to have this time to explore at my own pace, throw myself in at the deep end, get some potentially life-changing experiences and learn more than I’ve ever imagined I could.

A lot of people go on gap years, and I have never heard of anyone who came back disappointed or regretted their decision. I’m fairly well travelled already, so I feel ready to take on the challenge. Although I am slightly fearful about all the many things that could go wrong, I’ve organised it in such a way that I’m never without support or other people to help me out. I think it will be really great to see some of the places that I’ve read so much about, and to have a proper glimpse into cultural traditions and perspectives of the world. My ability to communicate with others in their own language will be invaluable and I just can’t wait to get started! I’ve got a lot of ideas swimming around in my head at the moment and I’m known to change my mind but here are some of the highlights that I would love to experience… 

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