Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Beginning of My Blogging Journey!

What a wonderful world!

Admittedly, this is just yet another travel blog. I know there are literally millions out there, but this one is all mine! I'm hoping to be able to record some memories of the remarkable places that I have been lucky enough to go to. I feel lucky to have been able to find something that I want to do in life, and I'm going to try my downright hardest to achieve it. I want to travel the world. Not everyone is able to find out what they want to do with this crazy life and so I feel really lucky to have found something that I would love to do, every single second of it. It's the travelling that really drives me to work hard and make something of my life, so that I can venture beyond and find literally new worlds and find out all about new things. Everyone has a passion in life; I've found mine and I don't intend to waste it with excuses about money and time. After all, my generation did 'invent' YOLO.

Unfortunately though, it's been proving insanely difficult to be able to squeeze a number of weeks into a pretty short space. The great thing about travelling is that you have to go there to be able to really understand the beauty of a place. To complicate matters, it's usually the compromised, downright dirty or spontaneous events that are the most enjoyable, or reveal the most about a country. I know I will never be able to truly make a record of everything that I have done in a country, or be able to savour every single moment of it. But then I think to myself: 'Why not try?' When I'm old and grey I want to look back and say that I wouldn't change much of it. I want to see every inch of this world, and you're invited to share this journey with me.

On my travels, I have seen some things that have really taken my breath away - for the better or for the worse. My intention is not to create an information guide that is jam-packed with information, but just something to celebrate my own experiences because I really have caught the travel bug. A reminder that I can look back on to see what I have done, and to try and keep all of those precious memories locked away. If there's some other nutters out there who enjoy reading what I've done, even better!

Please sit back and enjoy my worldwide adventures - maybe it will inspire just one person to step out of their comfort zone, try something new, and see this wonderful world with a fresh perspective.

 "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page" --- St Augustine

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