Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Murcia - Day Trip, July 6th 2013

Meandering around Murcia (مرسية) 

Whilst I was staying in Aspe, Alicante (see blog post!) I was thrilled to take up the opportunity to go to Murcia, and visit some friends. The weather was even hotter than in Alicante, and Murcia is somehow even more beautiful. The streets were really wide and clean, lined with trees and of course in the sunshine everything looks that little bit more romantic. I was keen to explore the city, renowned for agriculture but also the University of Murcia. First stop, the Santa Maria Cathedral.

After walking in the hot sun, we arrived at the ornate and baroque-esque style Cathedral, despite having initially been designed in the Gothic style. Inside it's definitely more of a Gothic style and is bigger than I expected - containing the largest altar I think I've ever seen. Murcia was originally founded by the Moors in 825 and with this Catholic Cathedral now boasts a uniquely Spanish blend of Moorish and Christian architecture. The 'Catedral de Santa Maria' was actually built on the site of a mosque in 1394. I love the majesty of the exterior, and the light colours really contrast with the dark wood and Gothic forms that you can see inside - worth a Google that one as I didn't take any photos inside. I wouldn't take photos because I would feel as though I was violating a religious sanctuary. Call me weird if you like, but that's just the way I feel about it. Overall, the cathedral is definitely worth the visit, the enormity of such buildings always brings me a sense of calm. Even if you're not religious, it must be one of the first stops that you make!
In Spanish, 'Puente de los Peligros' means 
'Bridge of the Hazards'. This bridge is named after our Lady of the Hazards, a statue just upstream of the river. It's actually more commonly known as simply 'The Old Bridge', being the oldest bridge in the city. Just a stone's throw away from the Town Hall and a square in the city that features patio areas very similar to the fountains that can be seen at the Alhambra Palace. A beautiful area that is not to be missed. Also, on the bridge are a multitude of padlocks bearing the words 'Te quiero' or 'I love you', with initials and names. I was captured by the romantic spirit of Murcia, and I'd definitely go back. One of the easiest cities to just have a meander round and absorb the scenery.

Again, I must say a huge thankyou to my 'Murcianas', I
had a great day which, without you simply would
not have been possible.

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